Sharpline Industrial Waterjet Cutting Service

Why use Waterjets to create your product?

Waterjets cut any material that can be made into a sheet. The most popular materials are metals (especially aluminum, because it's relatively soft and cuts quickly), waterjets can cut intricate shapes to a high precision quickly and economically. Metals are the most common material that is cut by machining shops.

Waterjets are also used to cut stone and glass, the waterjet cutting machinery can make intricate shapes that are not possible using traditional machining methods. These materials are popular with artists and the waterjet technology enables them create almost anything they want.

Milling Machine Services

At Sharpline Industrial, we take great pride in delivering the highest quality parts that are both on time and on budget. The cutting action of the milling cutter provides a fast and accurate method of highly precise machining.

We use our milling machines to perform functions that cannot be done through turning only. This enables us to provide value-added processes in-shop. This state-of-the-art technology, is designed to maximize productivity by taking into account the need for high speed, sturdiness and accuracy. Overall cutting power and capability has been improved for all applications, including; milling, drilling and tapping


OMAX JetMachining Center

Sharpline Industrial offers the capabilities that the Precision JetMachining Center waterjet machine provides. Our advanced abrasive waterjet technology enables us to cut complex workpieces from virtually any material with the utmost precision and speed. Waterjet machinery work with a wide variety of materials. These materials include: Copper, brass, aluminum, Pre-hardened steel, Mild steel, Titanium, Granite, Marble, Stainless Steel, Plastics, Composites, Glass, Laminated material and Flammable materials.


Short Lead Times

At Sharpline Industrial we offer short, one to three day lead times for most of our abrasive water jet cutting and Milling Machine Serives. Contact us today to learn more

Attention to Detail

Our commitment to Customer Satisfaction means that you can be assured our Attention to Detail that your products will be cut right and will be delivered on time.


We provide same day quotes, as necessary. Request a quote today!