Milling Machine Services

At Sharpline Industrial, we take great pride in delivering the highest quality parts that are both on time and on budget. The cutting action of the milling cutter provides a fast and accurate method of highly precise machining.

We use our milling machines to perform functions that cannot be done through turning only. This enables us to provide value-added processes in-shop. This state-of-the-art technology, is designed to maximize productivity by taking into account the need for high speed, sturdiness and accuracy. Overall cutting power and capability has been improved for all applications, including; milling, drilling and tapping. Excellent Performance, High Accuracy Cutting. Plus, these machines are excellent at holding tolerance. We consistently hold +/- .0005” on parts we machine. Parts where we turn and bore come off of the Hyundai turning centers with a 32 Ra finish. oil, gas and mining parts and components. The majority have been purchased for additional capacity, to reduce cycle times and in the case of the multitasking machines, to reduce setup times.

Our CNC milling machines use computer commands to move and operate a spindle cutting head with absolute precision. Tool holders grip tools that will be used by the program for cutting, and the machine can make tool changes automatically as dictated by the computer. Typically, CNC milling machines are differentiated from one another according to the number of axes that each machine has. X and Y axes are labeled to complete horizontal movements. Z axes are labeled to perform vertical machine movements. Standard CNC milling machines generally have three axes. Our trained machinists input a program into any of our CNC milling machines, it can cut parts exactly the same – over and over again with absolute accuracy. Our expert CNC milling services are just one of the many services we offer that make us a leading machine shop in North Texas.

The various materials we work with include (but are not limited to):

  • stainless steel
  • brass
  • aluminums
  • tellurium copper
  • cold rolled steel
  • plastic
  • nickel alloy
  • titanium
  • 15/5 PH stainless
  • inconel (superalloy)
  • hastelloy (superalloy)
  • commercial alloys